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Our Story

meet the cast


Treycen Bownes (Current)

(Foster Blake)

Introducing Treycen Bownes. When Treycen isn’t hanging out with his brother, he enjoys football and acting.  His motto is: “A smile doesn’t cost you anything.”


Mariah Bozeman

(Marie Blake)

Mariah is a gem, and we are incredibly happy that she is a part of our series! When not on set, she's no doubt, dancing. If Mariah looks familiar, it's because you've seen her in commercials for both local and national brands. She is a diehard lover of the arts and immerses herself every chance she gets. 


Casey Westphal

(Adam Gold)

Casey hails from Pewaukee, Wisconsin. He loves acting, singing, cats, dogs and soccer! Casey is an excellent student and hopes to become a doctor one day.


Hannah C. Glenn

(Maureen “Mo” Hendricks)

Hannah is a Memphis native. Although Hanna loves every moment in front of the camera and being on stage, she excels in school and is on the honor roll. She is also a Girl Scout.


Angel Martinez

(Kevin Ramirez)

Angel is energetic and pretty fast at running and track.

He enjoys all sports, reading, and playing video games.


Trinity Houts

(Nosy Rosie)

Trinity enjoys singing, dancing and acting, baking, reading, writing, swimming, and learning karate. She has had lead and supporting roles in several musicals at school and in the community.


Tyler Schorsch

(Lafi Khalil)

Tyler enjoys video games, playing the clarinet, listening to all types of  music, anything with superheroes or mythological characters.


Izzie Rose 

(Della Ware)

Izzie is a dynamic actress, dancer, singer and musician. She’s the oldest of three.  While she takes performance seriously, she also likes having fun and hopes to one day visit Paris, France.


Kayla Riehle

(Christie Green)

Kayla has had a love for acting and musical theater since she played a reindeer in a kindergarten school play. When she is not performing, she spends her time playing softball, basketball, flute, ukulele, sewing, and chasing her three cats.


Marcus Owens

(Cousin Jahari)

Marcus is an actor, dancer, singer, writer, and freelance makeup artist. He enjoys drawing, swimming and acting out scenes from his favor TV shows and movies. 


Cole Berry

(Jordan Pyles)

Cole Berry loves acting, hanging out with his family and friends and traveling.  Cole also enjoys swimming, fishing and sports.


Adelina Jones

(Lena Benjamin)

When she’s not acting she loves to ride horses and synchronized ice skating.


Andre Smith

(Xavier Peoples)

Andre is the oldest of three. He enjoys playing basketball, baseball and playing video games. Andre is extremely competitive and tries to be the best in everything he pursues.


Marielle Jones

(Ellie Benjamin)

Marielle loves playing with dolls, singing and gymnastics.  She enjoys playing with her puppy and the series mascot, Henny.


Sage Mayer (Season 1)

(Foster Blake)

Sage Mayer is an actor and writer. Sage Mayer arrives on set full of energy and ready to go! His moto is “it’s a great day to have a great day.”



(Series Mascott)

Loves belly rubs and eating snacks.

our story

EPK updated (1).png

CHI-nanigans web series was born as an extension of The Shenanigan Series of books that I began publishing in 2003 and center around precocious siblings, Foster, and Marie Blake.  The trouble me and some family members got into, as kids, is the inspiration of the series.

Growing in up, I spent time with my cousin, who was born deaf. Although we communicated the best, we could, usually by writing out our conversations. It remained in the back of mind that it would be cool to create something that both hearing and deaf could enjoy at any age. My cousin was nine years old when he began reading, but he was signing at six months. My goal is to reach people who hear and who rely on American Sign Language, at any age.


That said, I aim to include people who live with different abilities.  We all have different stories to tell that contribute to the awesome world that we share. 


Inclusion is the mission!


“Celebrating the perfect imperfection of youth.” 

Thank you for watching.

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